Concrete overlays are decorative coatings laid on top of existing concrete. A variety of designs and patterns, such as wood, brick, or stone, can be created to achieve your desired look.

Decorative concrete overlays are comprised of many different components, but generally use basic elements such as cement and aggregate, usually in the form of sand, silica, or calcium carbonate. Most concrete overlays are a blend of cement, sand, polymers, and resins designed to bond to existing concrete.

Top That Concrete also offers a popular technique called vinyl chip overlay, which creates the look of terrazzo on existing concrete. With several colors to choose from, this application is an excellent solution for the kitchen, office, bathroom, playroom, laundry room, sunroom, garage, or any interior concrete surface. This overlay is long lasting and easy to clean. A special grit can be added during application to make the surface more slip-resistant or, if preferred, a high-gloss sheen can be achieved.